Spanish Gold – South Of Nowhere out now on LP/CD!

The debut album from SPANISH GOLD – a newly formed band featuring former HACIENDA guitarist/vocalist Dante Schwebel, GRUPO FANTASMA guitarist Adrian Quesada and MY MORNING JACKET drummer Patrick Hallahan – South of Nowhere is a densely layered love letter to Laredo, the spirited but often troubled Texas border town where Schwebel and Quesada grew up. “It can be a dangerous and violent place, and the border situation is very scary, but at the time same time a lot of the people there are really hopeful and happy,” says Schwebel. Exploring the conflict in what Schwebel calls “felling disillusioned or desperate about what’s happening around you but still trying to find osme hope,” South of Nowhere embodies both a high-charged tension and defiantly joyful mood. And in their seamless wirling-together of rock & roll, soul, psychedlia, and pop – assumery, groove-heavy sound at turns inspired by DONNYHATHAWAY, ‘70s rock, and early 90’s hip-hop – SPANISH GOLD reel the supreme musicianship and easy chemistry at the heart of their collaboration.

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