Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits LP and CD available now!

Here is a thing called DIVINE FITS a new band comprising SPOON’s BRITT DANIEL, WOLF PARADE’s DAN BOECKNER and SAM BROWN of Columbus, OH’s NEW BOMB TURKS. This, their first album, entitled A Thing Called Divine Fits, will be released via Merge Records on August 28. A Thing Called Divine Fits was made with much excitement and energy from March through May (minus a few weeks off for research) in a backyard studio in Los Angeles. It was co-produced with Nick Launay (NICK CAVE, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, GRINDERMAN, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED.) It’s about 42-and-a-half minutes long. Alex Fischel plays keyboards like a madman all over it. (Roughly) half the tracks are lead-sung by DAN and half by BRITT. And over the course of its 11 songs it covers such topics as the death of true love, hitchhiking, cocoa butter, emotional distance, what happens when the curtain drops, and Minneapolis, MN. FREE BUTTON WITH PURCHASE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!!

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