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Well, well, well. Never one to mince words, Jade Puget recently issued the foregoing statement not as a justification, but as a rallying cry. Puget and AFI band mate Davey Havok are ready to debut Bright Black Heaven the sophomore offering of their electronic brainchild BLAQK AUDIO, and as far as they are concerned, September 11th could not arrive soon enough. BLAQK AUDIO, for all its artistic spontaneity, however, did not emerge ex nihilo from the AFI either. Rather, the band’s origin lies in Puget & Havok s collective penchant for electronic dance music a taste that, for both musicians, dates to the heyday of the electro-industrial wave: that never-never(again) land of the late 1980s. Bands like SKINNY PUPPY, DEPECHE MODE, and NITZER EBB were among the first to colonize the musical territory of Puget’s mind; meanwhile, Havok steeped himself in the soundscapes of The PET SHOP BOYS, DEVO, and FRONT 242. Their artistic and professional commitment to celebrated multi-platinum rock juggernaut, AFI, however, left Puget & Havok little time to indulge their electronic itch. RECEIVE A FREE GLOW IN THE DARK POSTER WITH PURCHASE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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