Alison Crutchfield – Tourist In This Town out 1/27

Tourist in This Town was made at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia with Jeff Zeigler, who is known for his work with KURT VILE, STEVE GUNN, and MARY LATTIMORE, among others. His synthesizer collection and related expertise proved an alluring draw for CRUTCHFIELD, who had started incorporating synths into her work when she branched off into a solo career. “This record marked a sonic transition in the way I think about the element of space in music, and I attribute that mainly to Jeff,” says ALLISON. “His arsenal and knowledge of analog synths, along with his ear for spatial addition and subtraction within a song, really sculpted this album and impacted me artistically forever.” “Tourist in This Town is completely made up of heightened anxiety and became a clearly defined puzzle that I slowly put together over the course of a year,” says CRUTCHFIELD. “It’s a record about change- change of scenery, of partner, of band, of home, of friends

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